Iranian Association had a fast and rapid growth over the past years and we are proud of the support we have from our community members, without which the expansion of activities and services and planning for future events was not possible. Iranian Association belongs to members, and runs by members to serve members. Volunteer members play a vital role and their service makes a real difference in our community.
Currently more than 20 volunteer members are involve in managing the affair of the organisation.

Supreme Council

The Supreme Council of the Association consist of, A Chairman, A Vice-chair, A Secretary, A Treasurer (Chief Financial Officer), and up to maximum of six other persons, all of whom must be Voting Members of the Association, preferably one academic staff and one parent of students from Persian Language School, and one member of management team or any consultative committees of each division of the Association, plus two Adjuvant Members who may be appointed by the Council. The position of Chairman, Vice-Chair and Secretary shall be appointed by the Council from amongst its number as soon as practicable after the AGM. The appointees will hold the positions until the conclusion of the third Annual General Meeting following their appointment. A Council Member may be re-appointed to any other or the same position. Chairman, Secretary and CFO shall be Australian Citizen.

Supreme Council Members as at AGM 2017

Morteza Tabatabaee (Chairman)
Dr Reza Shah Mansouri (Vice-Secretary)
Katrin Keramati (CFO)
Maryam Miri
Seyed Reza Azimi
Seyed Hasan Fallahzadeh
Vahid Etminan
Mohsen Navabi
Maryam Hosseini
Dr Saeideh Botlani

Management Team of Divisions


Iranian Community of Western Australia

Morteza Tabatabaee (President)
Hootan Dehbonei (Vice-President)
Hosein Arjmandfar
Mahdi Chavoshi
Nooshin Ahmadpour
Professional Network Steering Group
Mahdi Chavoshi (Team Leader)
Dr Saeideh Botlani
Helia Singh
Wilson Khosrowabadi
Ebrahim Hosseini
Peiman Daneshparvar
Saeed Parvaresh

Persian Language School WA

Supreme Council as School Board
Maryam Hosseini (Principal)
Morteza Tabatabaee (Administrator)
School Consultative Committee
Maryam Hosseini
Morteza Tabatabaee
Katrin Keramati (Teacher)
Nooshin Ahmadpour (Teacher)
Dr Samira Ghandchi (Teacher)
Dr Parmis Aminian (Teacher)
Nasim Khamseh (Teacher)
Plus all adult learners & parents of enrolled children

Takreem Home and Community Care

Supreme Council as THCC Board

Iranians Muslim of Western Australia

Dr Emad Ardakani (President)
Dr Saeedeh Botlani (Vice-President)
Dr Reza Shah Mansouri
Seyed Hasan Fallahzadeh
Seyed Reza Azimi
Maryam Miri
Mohsen Navabi
Maryam Hosseini
Hadi Navabi