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Join the great family of the Iranian Community

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Australia is the country of different nations, and residing Iranians like every other nation in this country had the opportunity to establish their own community organisation, the IRANIAN ASSOCIATION INC.
The Association is a not-for-profit, non-political, charitable community organisation, aimed to extend co-operation, create coordination, harmony and unity among all Iranians and wider society in Australia, to provide support and services to everyone, and to actively participate in the development and advancement of Australia side by side with other communities residing in Australia.
The association, create opportunities for all of us to be together, to help each other and new arrivals.
The association also act as representative of Iranians living in Western Australia and as a bridge between the community and state and federal governments.
The membership of the association is open to any male or female who is residing in Australia, completed the age of seventeen years and accepted the constitution of the association, after applying for the membership, payment of his/her annual subscription fee and approval of his/her membership by the association.