Discount Program

Exclusive member benefits

As a benefit to our society, a discount program has been arranged for members to enjoy significant discounts on a wide range of products and services by accessing Shop Rite, which helps our members to save money on groceries, appliances, vehicles and a wide range of products & services.

Saving on groceries

Your membership gives you access to Campbells (Cash & Carry) stores in Canning Vale and Balcatta. Campbells sells a large variety of products found in most supermarkets at a discounted rate for bulk and individual items.

ShopRite partners

Currently ShopRite have over 200000 members, 500+ retail suppliers and 80+ business partners providing a wide range of products and services to Members. All business partners offer real discounts to Members, and any advertised specials are offered exclusively to Members and their families.
For further details and to take advantages of premium member benefits, click HERE.